Rescue Financing Services Toronto, ON

Mohit Verma of Citadel Mortgages rescue financing services ensure that you get to save your property from legal action such as foreclosure or Power of Sale. Mohit Verma of Citadel Mortgages financial experts will help you:

  • Stop the foreclosure process,
  • Keep your property,
  • Provide immediate service to assist you.

Timing is crucial when you start receiving letters from the bank. Mohit Verma understand the stress associated foreclosure notices. This is where Mohit Verma of Citadel Mortgages can help you by contacting the lender or the lender’s legal representative to slow down the process or stop it entirely.

Remember, don’t do nothing! Ignoring notices can snowball into a more unmanageable problem as more time passes. At Citadel Mortgages, Mohit Verma can issue a pre-approval to begin the financial rescue process as soon as possible. Working swiftly to procure documents and providing full disclosure and documentation relevant to your situation is crucial to a successful home recovery.


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